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Chef Anna specializes in teaching the language of food. Through carefully constructed courses she is developing, Chef Anna has found way to succinctly share how culinary creativity isn't just for chefs, but many of these aspects can be taught. 

Through years of experiencing creating muli-course private dinners, with custom menus, she is bringing her culinary abilities to ground level, in a service not yet given to the everyday individual.   " believe food has an infinite amount of exploration. Why limit ourselves with what is limitless?"

My emphasis is to share and teach others how each plate is a work of art, no matter how simple or complex we make it. The secrets lie in understanding techniques, using quality ingredients, and having a unique connection with real, raw ingredients. Food is one hundred percent about flavor, one hundred percent presentation, and one hundred percent about experience. You too, can create this, and I am hear to teach you. Stay tuned for when the course goes live online! Currently teaching private events within the course.. 

Where does the food come from?

Whether cooking locally or while traveling, nearly all the ingredients used will come from local markets, farmers markets, and small independent farms in that particular area. This ensures the freshest, best quality ingredients that are in season at that time.

What does a personal traveling chef do?

"Good food is vital for having a good experience. And by "good" I mean local, seasonal, authentic, beautiful. I have been privileged to travel all across the world, eating some of the best food I've ever tasted. Many of these were meals made in someone's home. It's not always easy to get these "good food experiences" when traveling. Whether you are going to a cottage in the foothills of Switzerland

or a long business trip in Chicago,

 I will come to your destination

as your personal chef, ensuring

your dining experience

is genuine, authentic, and a true work of art." 

Good food, a menu that is full of flavor, inviting to guests, and cost-effective to the restaurant, is a passion I desire to see in every restaurant. I offer menu and recipe consulting for restaurants and chefs. Menu planning and creating recipes is an art-- working with preferred palettes while creating something appealing to the eye with seasonal ingredients and a cost-effective final product, is no easy feat.

For years, I have been gaining experience by creating hundreds of recipes and menus for the private dinners I serve. Winning multiple recipe competitions and having recipes published in local and national publications, has also assisted on building these  skills. **As part of the criteria for services in this realm, I only work on local, health-forward, farm-to-table, simple ingredient focused menus and recipes. 


Recipe and Menu Development
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