Chef Anna specializes in formal multi-course dinners. These are often served as small plates or tapas-style.

A formal multi-course dinner can range from five to twelve courses, and will cover a wide variety of menu options. These dinners  are for private events and special occasions. Prior to every event, I will meet with each client to get to know them better and personalize a menu that fits their palette. The menu will also reflect the freshest most natural ingredients currently  in season. No two menus are ever identical. I believe food has an infinite amount of exploration. Why limit ourselves with what is limitless?

During a dinner, my emphasis is on the entire experience, endeavoring to make each plate a work of art. One hundred percent is given towards flavor, one hundred percent towards presentation, and one hundred percent towards creating an unforgettable experience.

Everything from cooking to serving to cleaning is included  with each private dinner. 


Where does the food come from?

Whether cooking locally or while traveling, nearly all the ingredients used will come from local markets, farmers markets, and small independent farms in that particular area. This ensures the freshest, best quality ingredients that are in season at that time.

 What does a personal traveling chef do?

"Good food is vital for having a good experience. And by "good" I mean local, seasonal, authentic, beautiful. I have been privileged to travel all across the world, eating some of the best food I've ever tasted. Many of these were meals made in someone's home. It's not always easy to get these "good food experiences" when traveling. Whether you are going to a cottage in the foothills of Switzerland

or a long business trip in Chicago,

 I will come to your destination

as your personal chef, ensuring

your dining experience

is genuine, authentic, and a true work of art." 

Good food, a menu that is full of flavor, inviting to guests, and cost-effective to the restaurant, is a passion I desire to see in every restaurant. I offer menu and recipe consulting for restaurants and chefs. As a private chef, recipe and menu development is a frequent process and occurrence.  Menu planning and creating recipes is an art-- discovering what ingredients work best together and working with popular preferred palates, while creating something appealing to the eye with seasonal ingredients and a cost-effective final product, is no easy feat.

For years, I have been gaining experience by creating hundreds of recipes and menus for the private dinners I serve. Entering and winning multiple recipe competitions, having recipes published in Taste of Home Annual Cookbooks, Country Women Magazine, and writing recipes for FEAST magazine and 417 Magazine, has also built strong recipe development skills. In 2016 I had the opportunity to manage the kitchen at Eurasia Café, allowing me to develop and create the recipes and menu.
No recipe is ever too small and no menu to large to embark on. I see the end goal first. 


Recipe and Menu Development