Chef Anna

Private Chef; Recipe and Menu Developer; Personal Traveling Chef

Food is more than taste. It's 100 percent flavor, 100 percent presentation, and 100 percent an unforgettable experience.

Meet the Chef


Anna is a  private chef located in Springfield Missouri, She began cooking at age seven, and continued pursuing her love for cooking through college by catering private events whenever her school schedule allowed. While working on a dual degree in Hospitality and Restaurant Management and Piano Performance, she became manager at a bed and breakfast in Springfield Missouri. She later took on a second part time job at a fine dining restaurant in banquets and events.

Creating recipes was a favorite pastime, and with her competitive streak running high, she entered and won several online recipe competitions. In the fall of 2016, she  became a finalist in the Sargento Cheese Chopped at Home Competition. She and her three competitors were flown to NYC to compete on set for the grand prize. Anna  flew back to Springfield as the Chopped champion. Since then she has had the privilege of getting coached in the Food Network kitchen with executive chef Rob Bleifer. In the spring of 2017 she competed on a local TV cooking show "Show Me Chefs.”  After three intense rounds, she again came out the champion. This October she will be competing in the World Food Championships after winning the St. Louis Bacon Battle in May, and receiving the golden ticket to the WFC. 

May 2017 started a new channel for studying for Anna, as she began staging (short intensive internships) nationally and abroad. First at Chef Duffy's 3-Michelin Star restaurant, Grace in Chicago, and then in Germany at  Frankfurter Botschaft and Seven Swans. Returning home, she spent several months shadowing under French executive Master Chef Roland Parney, at La Galette Berrichonne in Fordland, Missouri.  Her love for learning and traveling has continued to flourish, and she continues to pursue working in restaurants across the world, with a growing list including  trailing at Eleven Madison Park and Blue Hill in NYC, a month at Norway’s only 3-michelin restaurant Maaemo, and most recently  traveling back to Norway to work at Bergen’s most prestigious restaurant Lysverket. Later this year she will visit South Africa to stage at Chef’s Warehouse, in Capetown. 


As a private chef, she serves formal, multi-course dinners in homes, personalizing each menu to fit each palette so that no two menus are the same, creating a unique and memorable experience. She focuses on incorporating Norwegian cuisine into her cooking, endeavoring to bring true Nordic flavors to the Midwest. Chef Anna utilizes natural and local ingredients creating  pure and unadulterated flavors through Nordic style and techniques, 'enlighten the senses.'


Sample Menu


Bread and Butter

Sunflower buckwheat/ celery walnut whipped pesto





Bleu d’Auvergne / onion ash

raspberry emulsion/ pistachio mousse/

goat gouda/ celiaric crème





beets three ways/ pickled apple chutney/ pomegranate/ burnt honey coconut kefir/

poppy seed croutons/ lime basil





meyer lemon/ pearl barley risotto/

roasted corn puree/ smoked macadamia  oil /

seafoam /lemon caviar 



Kobe Beef


glazed leak/ shiitake mushroom/

potato goat galette/ black garlic reduction/

disassembled okra/ radicchio



Palette Cleanser


pear/ ginger/ celery sorbet



Chocolate and Tahini

espresso salted crème /Askinosie chocolate/

black sesame popcorn brittle/

coconut date caramel/  tahini mousse




Please contact me with any questions or to set up a consultation.  

As a musician and a chef, culinary arts and music could never be more closely related. Rephrasing Robert Capon's words:

“A musician once complained that half the notes he wanted to play were not on the piano. They lay, he claimed, between the keys where he could never get to them. Such is the art of the culinary endeavor. The infinite combinations and flavor profiles are the cracks in the culinary keyboard. We who are chefs must do our best to discover how to play those notes within the keys on our instrument.”  



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